Wednesday, July 20, 2005

the squirrels have been knocking the birdfeeders down and chewing on them to get the seeds. William and I went to Lowes and got a 4 hook iron pole. We put it far enough from the trees that the squirrels can't jump over and now the birds have plenty to eat. The squirrels aren't happy and you can hear them fussing but they have their own feeder in a tree with cracked corn and nuts. They just want what they can't have. Its fun watching them try to climb the pole and slide back down. They even tried while I was hanging out clothes right next to the feeders. Today I hope to finish sorting and clearing out the livingroom so I can start painting. This isn't my livingroom but it is the color I am going to use. I will have white trim and will be using sage green as my accent color. I know it sounds weird but just wait til you see the finished room. Gotta get busy.... have a great day.

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Monica said...

oh wow! North CArolina is my dream to retire'll definitely be back