Thursday, August 18, 2005

Count Your Blessings

I love to stop by Perri's blog: My Life in Bits and Pieces each day to read about her day. She is blessed with birth children and adopted children and a wonderful gift of telling about her life. Anyway She blogged about 10 things she was thankful for that was within a yard or so of where she was at the moment. She ask that others do the same so here goes:
1.Perri's Blog that made me stop and see what all I had to be thankful for
2. A picture of 7 beautiful grandchildren. I am blessed to have such wonderful, healthy,and happy grandchildren
3.Simple Wisdom.. A inspirational verses book for each day (gift from daughter Megan)
4.My computer.. I would be lost without reading about my friends days and adventures.
5.An empty In basket... That means the bills are paid and nothing is waiting in the basket.
6.A to do list... Blessed that I am able to do the things on the list and not have to depend on someone else to do them.
7.Change jar.. Blessed that we don't have to scrape change together to get by but can save it up just to see how much we can.
8. A freshly painted and redone livingroom. Water damage is gone and house is still standing, God is good
9. Daily Devotion book that my daughter in law gave me for my birthday 2 years ago. By reading it each day I will have read the bible all the way thru. ( I am on my second time thru it)
10. Dimples the cat.... I am blessed to have a loving husband that doesn't mind all the stray and rescue animals I bring home and Dimples is a very sweet cat that found us and shows me more love and protection than a dog.
Yes, those are only 10 items around me but I am so very blessed in my whole life! From my hardworking hubby, 3 wonderful daughters, funny stepson and sweet daughter-in-law, perfect grandchildren,home,lots of family, friends,food, transportation and just blessed that I can wake up everyday and get out of bed and enjoy the day the Lord has given me. I am blessed I have someone to remind me to stop and be thankful. What about you? Counted your blessings lately?


Melene said...

Great list of Blessings! I found your blog when I checked Perri's comments and just had to come over because we live in the same town! I'll be back!

Peggy said...

thanks melene... enjoyed reading your blog also and will be back

Perri said...

Thanks for posting. I never know who reads my blog. About 150 people have read it today, but only 3 people have actually posted their blessings. If I have this much to be thankful for in one yard of my life - how blessed am I?