Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Crazy Cat

The cat "Dimples" has been under foot all day but I have put up with it and even babied her. She has been acting "needy" for some reason. Well, I sit down to have more cantaloupe and ice tea when the phone rings. I get up to answer it and come back to a cat trying to steal my supper (too hot to cook). Now my cats do not go hungry. There are feeders in the house and on the deck not to mention all the cat snacks they get during the day. I think Dimples is trying to become a human. She ate part of my tomato sandwich at lunchtime. Sits with me and watches TV , is sitting again here on the desk as I type and even goes with me to the bathroom. I cannot go anywhere out of her sight and I guess now I cannot eat anything unless she gets to eat and drink it too.
---------------------------------------------------- <- that was the cat laying on the keyboard. I raised all my children now I have a cat that acts like a baby

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Finn said...

Peggy, just wanted to tell you thank you for your lovely way with words, the daily thought, and the sharing you do.

The poem you posted from your mom was so lovely. I hope it will comfort Maggie Ann's heart. Even when we know they are in a better place, the heart aches at the personal loss we feel.

One a different note, a former kitty friend of mine adored cantalope. He'd do almost anything to get to your piece, and loved to lick the juice from the plate when I was done. Really strange what they decide is feline fare...LOL Hugs for all the good you do.