Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fall is Arriving at the Homestead

This is an old enamelware pitcher and bowl I picked up at my favorite antique shop
Love these patchwork pumpkins (no I didn't make them) I put silk sunflowers in a vase filled with potpourri
Cheated alittle here by adding silk flowers to my real plants
Scarecrow center piece for the deck table
Added silk fall leaves around the deck and a hanging scarecrow for door
This is a chair my daughter Melody had for years that I dearly wanted. She gave it to me last week and I sat it by the front door. Since the chair has birdhouses on the top I put a crochet dollie in the seat, added a birdhouse from daughter Maggie,some silk sunflowers , fall leaves, miniture gourd and pumpkin. Then finished it off with a scarecrow. I have only started decorating for fall so will post more pictures as I get things set out. Can you tell I love fall??? Now if the weather would just turn nippy so I could build a fire it would be a perfect day!


Maggie Ann said...

Oh that last picture of the chair and scarecrow brought a smile to my face! I can tell you love fall = ). Theres alot to love about fall. Its so gorgeous and full of God's bounty.

Zoey said...

Ah, someone else who loves scarecrows like I do! I just discovered your blog from the comment you left on mine. I have really enjoyed reading the first page and will be back to read all the archives. I love to find good new blogs!