Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fayetteville, NC

One of my blogger friends has ask that we post pictures of our area. Being busy with grandkids and travel I haven't taken any pics, but have taken some from the Chamber of commerce of their favorite places to see when visiting here. This is the Market House built in 1832. The first floor was the market place and the 2nd floor was the Town Hall. The clock chimes the hour and the bell in the cupola still rings 7:30am for breakfast, 1pm for dinner, at sundown, and 9pm (once the curfew hour)


Edger Allen Poe built this home and outbuildings in 1897 for his wife. He became a influential businessman in Fayetteville.

Cape Fear Botanical Gardens has 85 acres of formal and natural gardens. There are 85 species of trees, 2,000 ornamental plants and a heritage garden with a 100 yr old restored house and outbuildings to provide a look back at the turn of the century. There are kitchen gardens and cash crops of the time.

Fayetteville is large because of Pope Air Force Base and Ft. Bragg Army Post. Population here is 302,963. I am lucky to live on the outskirts in a rural area that is only 5 minutes away from shopping. We live in a wooded area that keeps traffic and stress of the city away from us.


ms*robyn said...

oh thankyou ! it looks like a delightful place...the Botanical Gardens sounds divine, especially the heritage garden- right up my alley

Maggie Ann said...

You did a great job posting pictures of your area. Very impressive. I've enjoyed your tour = ).

dolly said...

wow! it really looks beautiful, so Dolly!!

dolly x