Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gasoline prices are going up so high everywhere that we are all going to have to make different plans on transportation. Our regular gas is $2.58 a gallon today from $2.55 yesterday and $2.35 last week. I will just have to make sure when I go somewhere to get everything done on one trip.
Had an interesting night last night. My elderly neighbor called me about 6pm and ask if I would spend the night with her. She is afraid of storms at night but not in the day. Says she can see them coming in daylight! Anyway our weatherman predicted a storm coming our way for 10pm. I told her I would do somethings around here and then walk over for the night. I hadn't been off the phone with her 20 minutes when she is at my door asking if I was coming or not. So I locked up the house and walk home with her. We watched the world news and talk for awhile and at 8:30pm she is ready for bed! Everyone that knows me knows I stay up late and get up early but I grabbed a book and lay down and read til about 1am. At 3:10 the lights come on and Fran is telling me she heard thunder. I heard it too.... Way far away.
The actual storm didn't pass over us but we did get rain at 5:30am. I came home at 6am and started cleaning out kitchen cabinets. It was nice to help a neighbor but she lives in a mobile home right in her daughters backyard and usually goes there during thunderstorms and I wondered why she didn't do that last night. But it was an adventure and today the sun is shining and the birds are singing.I am going to get some yardwork done til it gets too hot then I will work inside. Still have lots and lots to do to this old house. Hope your day is a sunny one and full of fun! After you have finished your chores for the day.. relax and have a cup of tea and pretend we are all together for a nice tea party and chat!


Monica said...

Oh the cat is too cute! My daughter had a cat that just loved her...let her dress him up in baby doll clothes and everything. He would even jump into the baby carrier and look at her like, "Are we going to play today?" They really loved each other. He got out and I had to be out of town for an emergency and we lost him...I always felt so bad about that.

Maggie Ann said...

Yes, aren't gas prices awlful! But, life goes on , thankfully. That was sweet of you to spend the night with your neighbor.....and your kitty picture is fun!