Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Home At Last

After what seems like a month away I am finally back home! Granddaughters birthday was fun, and family reunion was a great success. I always enjoy getting together with family and listening and telling tales from our childhood. The food was great but the family togetherness was the best. Also got to go to church with daughter (Megan) and fellowship with friends and neighbors from my past. Megan had problems with her car so I stayed an extra day so she could use my van till hers was fixed. I also babysat so she could work a 3 to 11pm shift at the nursing home because they were shorthanded. Took 4 of the grandchildren on an adventure around the old homeplace. We walked in the woods and looked for treasures. Found bird feathers, old bees nest, blackberries, wild flowers and an old thorn tree that I broke small branches off to make the kids each a gumdrop tree to take home. We came out of the woods at the old hay barn. No adventure is complete until you climb the hay bales and slide down, jump down or have a hay fight.... we did them all! Spent at least an hour there even though it was hot! The kids didn't want to leave. From there we walked to the old dairy barn and I told them stories about milking the cows there. We milked 150 twice a day but had electric milkers to do most of the work. They enjoyed hearing about their mommies growing up on the farm. Quintin and Gabby live in the old homeplace now so they were more excited to know which room in the house was which girls and mine. At the end of the day we had a picnic in the backyard (thanks to KFC) and layed on the grass and watched the stars pop out. Hope told me that it was her best day ever and I kinda agree with her on that. Today I went on to TN and picked up Raigun. She will be here a couple of days and already made herself at home. At least this time one of the cats stayed out for her to pet. Most of the animals around here run and hide as she is very "active" with lots of energy and loud voice when she is excited. She is gentle with the pets but they hear her and run before she has a chance to pet them. So life is good and things are going well. I am anxious to read everyones blogs and catch up so am off to read....... Night


Perri said...

The picnic sounds lovely. The kind of thing my kids' Nana does with them. Make a lot of best days ever!

Maggie Ann said...

What a wonderful day, your grandkids will forever remember! I wish I had had someone just like you when my brothers and sister and I were growing up.