Sunday, August 14, 2005

Last night I took a wooden shipping crate with rope handles and stained it to match my end tables. I wanted a big square coffee table because I have a sofa and love seat that will be on either side of the sofa that is already here. I wanted a table large enough to be reached from each setting place. It turned out good and I am happy with it and it only cost $3.48 for the stain. I tried to take a picture with the table and try to show a better shot of the wall color. the color still doesn't show up in picture but you do get to see Dimples the cat laying on her blanket on the sofa. She showed up here over a month ago and made this her home. She has been declawed and fixed so someone loved her at one time. Hubby thinks since this is a military town someone got deployed and left her behind.... still sad no matter how she came here. She doesn't belong to anyone in this area. But anyway... I have a new coffee table for little money and as soon as I get my other sofas down here my livingroom will be all done! (except for ceiling tiles and new front door but that is hubby's to do list) Out The Door Just kidding, he actually loves to have to do lists when he gets home. The small lamp that showed up in the front right hand side of the picture is sitting on my desk with computer screen showing alittle.... I don't take good pictures cause I get everything but what I am going after in the shot.

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