Wednesday, August 31, 2005


For some strange reason this morning Dimples is sticking to me like a needy child. I woke up with her nose touching mine as she looked at me with big sad eyes. I let her outside and sat down to have fresh cantaloupe for breakfast. Here she came crying. No way a cat will eat cantaloupe I thought.... Wrong! She ate 3 small chunks as fast as I gave them to her. I went outside to feed and water the dogs and iguana and she was with me every step. I left her sitting in the yard as I drove to take some bags to the dump. She was waiting on the deck steps when I returned. I washed a few dishes she was sitting by my feet. I was hanging out some rugs I had washed, she was walking right beside of me. I picked the tomatoes and she was licking my hand as I reached for each one. I sat down to read the paper she crawled in my lap. I tried to talk on the phone and she is trying to lick my face and bumped my hand with her head to pet her. I sat down here at the computer and where is Dimples?
You guessed it... sitting in the mail basket on the desk! She is wanting all of my attention today!Guess I will have to take a break from things to sit and cuddle her. She doesn't want Whiskers anywhere around me either....... Do cats have PMS?
(just kidding) Anyways..... Have a very wonderful day, hug your loved ones, count your blessings, and continue to pray for the hurricane victims


Monica said...

that cat is so precious! I love cats.

ms*robyn said...

maybe she is feeling the hurricane sadness too? Just like your neighbour Fran.