Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Our Tiny Bathroom

Until we get the major repairs and remodeling done our bathroom will have to wait. I didn't want it to look to shabby while waiting for its own makeover so I did a little facelift to tide it over. There are 3 shelves over the toilet right now (will be gone later) that I decided to sit some of my country treasures on. The top shelf has a old cracked teapot with an ivy vine in it. There are 3 small wooden homemade houses on one side and a momma and baby bear angel sitting on the other side.The second shelf has rag dolls sitting there looking right at home. One is made from a hand embroidered pillowcase. They are all gifts from different people.The bottom shelf has my simmering pot with lavender (of course) potpourri sending out a delightful smell. There is an old tin I found and made a flower arrangement in sitting behind pot. There is a homemade basket with some homemade soaps and some bought soaps (lavender) waiting to be used and smelling wonderful. There is a small wooden doll and a lavender oil bottle with a small basket with potpourri and tea candle on other side. I have a red cloth roman shade over window which I put a crochet dollie over the top, with a patchwork angel hanging on each side. My shower curtain is red white and blue patchwork. I have a braided rug in front of tub. On the back of the toilet I have a antique bedpan and a electric candle light. Also an antique wooden nail box with greenery in it. On back of sink I have a shelf that I put Williams antique shaving mug, a vintage face powder tin, perfume bottle, and vintage back oil bottle along with a Kleenex basket,toothbrush and soap holder. I have a antique nail keg for a trash can. Its small but nice and cozy feeling until we remodel and knock out a wall and put in an antique washstand with a vessel sink. I think we can live with this little bath til then.


Maggie Ann said...

I love your shower curtain! Your whole bathroom is delightful. I have a simmering pot in my bathroom too, aren't they nice! I use mine alot. I've enjoyed seeing your pictures. You know, when browsing antique shops, once in a while I have come across something made from an embroidered pillowcase...usually a pillow, and they are just so special.

ms*robyn said...

love peeking into your home.... looks delightful & I am happy to see that you love lavender too..reminds me so much of my dear nan