Monday, August 29, 2005

Thought I had better get laundry out on the line so it could dry before the rain comes in. We are suppose to get showers this afternoon and rain tomorrow. Thank goodness we aren't getting anything from the hurricane. My friend Marian left Saturday for IL. to get away from Katrina. Keeping her in my prayers that all will be well when she returns. Finished the dining room this morning, now I just have to clean up my painting mess and put things away. Going to start on our bedroom next but am going to wait a few days so I can do more outside work. Plus I need to go to Lexington to get more of our things to bring down. We are back to having hot and humid days again. Fall has to be right around the corner. Had to take the puppy collars off of Jenny and Samson today. They are growing so fast! They are now wearing "big dog" collars. William is still in Denver and hopefully when he delivers today he will get a load headed this way and not back west. He wanted to be in for a family picnic we are having the 3rd for my uncle. Uncle Jerry is in the final stage of lung cancer and wanted a picnic so he could have the family all together one last time. He doesn't have a wife or children so its important to him that all of us nieces and nephews go. After that we have a chicken stew at my MIL's on the 10th and we should be done with family get togethers til Thanksgiving. Anyway, am off to get laundry off the line, and clean up my mess. Then I hope to sit on the deck and relax and watch the birds. Have a great Monday!


rosie said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, your thoughts are so encouraging...I just wish I had more time...ugh. Take care,

ms*robyn said...

what a lovely thing to do for your uncle - sad but very special for you all. The chicken stew sounds delish - any chance of sharing the recipe?....we had a glorious spring day yesterday and today its back to wonder we are all so sick..