Saturday, August 27, 2005

Yard Work

Today is going to be another nice day so the yard is calling my name. With hubby on the road most of the time I try to keep the grass cut, leaves raked, and work on clearing up the limbs, etc from around the out buildings. He always has lots to do when he does get home, at least I can do this. I love being outdoors so its not really a chore for me. This morning I am going to cut the grass and set out some small mums along the walkway and front porch. I have black-eyed susans to set at our swing and lantana's inbetween the dogwoods along the drive. I also have tons of raking and limbs to pick up. I plan on having a wonderful Saturday..... hope you have one too!


Lady Laurie said...

Hi Peggy,
I love mums~I have some pretty pink~ish ones in my front garden, they do so well down here.
I hope you are having a lovely Saturday~now don't work too hard!

ms*robyn said...

hope you had a wonderful day in that glorious garden. Do you have a wood burning fire in your home? if so, you can save all those limbs for kindling.

Peggy said...

We have a nice wood stove that keeps us nice and toasty in the winter and we will be adding a wood cookstove when we redo the kitchen. Most of the limbs and branches will be burnt this winter but I burn the scrapes with the leaves I rake up. I purchased a very small chainsaw at a auction that I can cut the limbs with... It is something I never thought I would do but actually enjoy it.