Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dining Room

Unpacked and arranged some of my things from the other house this morning. It is so much fun deciding where to put things. Here are a few pictures of my favorite things in the dining room.
Antique buffet with some of my chicken and rooster collection. 2 1940's lamps

These are some of my vintage tablecloths. I display them on a homemade ladder.
These are some of the platters in my collection. They are hanging on one wall of the dining room.
I have vintage picnic baskets stacked on each side of the buffet. Another of the many things I love to collect.


Mickey said...

Back to basics. Good idea. and a very nice site.

Your cats must be well behaved with your ornaments. It looks like a recipe for disaster!

Enjoy. I look forward to reading more

Matthew said...

Love the classic fell to your home. I bet you enjoy leaving there. BTW, what are your pets' names?

Maggie Ann said...

You have a lovely home Peggy. Your display of platters is very nice. My great gran had a plate rail that ran around her kitchen with assorted plates on it. I was only a tot but can vaguely remember that. I like your dining room table too. Its old-fashioned and homey to me. = )

Gina E. said...

Hi Peggy,
thanks for dropping in at Patra's Place. I love the way you have displayed your tablecloths on the ladder! Mine are all hanging in the wardrobe in our spare bedroom (which should be renamed my Linen Room). We plan on having our kitchen renovated later this year, or next, and there is going to be some wall space available, so I will ask the builder if he can install rails all across it so I can display cloths, teatowels, etc.
Your private Utopia sounds wonderful. My hubby would love to do that, but I can't see it happening....