Thursday, September 29, 2005

Good Morning Sun

Good Morning! It is such a lovely day today! The birds are singing,the sun is shining,the weather is cool and I am loving it! Had baked ham, green beans and potato salad for supper last night and since its hard to cook for only one person I gave my neighbor Fran enough for her supper and her daughter and son in law. So today she is making soup and told me not to fix anything for supper. William will be home tomorrow so I will be able to cook for a few days. I am bad to just fix a sandwich or TV dinner when home alone but sometimes I just have to cook something. Going to try to make bread today if I have time and bake some cookies. Its nice to have cool enough weather to bake again. Its so nice outside that I am going to work outdoors this morning and then work in the bedroom for awhile before baking. Its just a lovely day in the neighborhood.... Hope its lovely in yours too!


Anonymous said...

I love all that you post dear Peggy.
You are full of sunshine and joy!
Love and hugs and smiles
across the miles
Love Jeanne ^j^

Amy said...

Isn't it awesome when you can share what you have other people? I love it!

ms*robyn said...

sounds just perfect, Peggy!

Lady Laurie said...

Sounds like you are having a perfect day! I love to bake,it is almost a form of therapy for me and then you get to eat the goodies when your done!!