Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Helloooooooo Ms. Jeanne...... where are you? I have worked all day getting my friends list back up but I can't find your wonderful site in my history. I really really want to add it back to my list as its one of my favorite places to visit. So if you see me waving at you would you please stop by and leave me the site address or email me? Waving bye now... LOL


Anonymous said...

If it is me you are referring to
"Miss Jeanne" here I am darling one.................

Jeanne's Bliss Blog

Love you and love your beautiful words, photo's and everything you post!
Love Jeanne

Anonymous said...

My eamail addy is caronpj@MNSi.net
Love Jeanne

dolly said...

hi! i got your delightful postcard this morning Miss Peggy! thank you so much, you are a doll! thanks for the link to the dancing granny site too!

my vintage days said...

Hi Peggy,
Thanks for the post card, it's fit the seaon perfect. The stores are displaying pumkins, and the nights are in the cool 50's. Have a great day.