Monday, September 19, 2005

I am actually glad it is Monday! William came home Thursday and didn't have to go back out til today. He had several projects he wanted to get done and needed my help. I had to drive to the mountains Saturday afternoon for a birthday cookout that night for my grandsons; Quintin (8) and Justin (4). Am so glad my daughters got together so I only had to make one trip. We had a nice time and I enjoyed playing with the grandchildren. Spent the night with Megan and left early Sunday morning driving back so I could help William finish his projects. We also had a dog that was wondering the neighborhood for several days. On Thursday I was washing dishes when something cold touched my leg... It was the dog. She had came inside and looked at me with those big sad eyes. I took her out on the deck and gave her a bowl of dog food which she ate in a matter of seconds. I gave her a second bowl and some nice cold water. I sat down and watched her. After she ate and drank she decided that she was a lap dog. Now we are talking 40 lb lab type dog here. She proceeded to climb up in my lap and try to lay down. I had to laugh as it was a funny sight. She has attached herself to me and wherever I go she goes. She lays on the floor by my feet in the house and walks beside me when I am outside. While I was gone to the mountains William said she followed him around but kept looking for me. We named her Molly and gave her a bath that she loved very much. We think she was set out. We live down a long dirt lane and have always had a problem with people driving part way down and setting animals out. This is a military town so it happens way to often when soldiers get deployed. Anyway we checked at the little store down the road where everyone posts lost or found animals. We ask our neighbors and they all said she had been walking around the neighborhood for days and they had run her off. So I guess we now have another dog to add to our animal kingdom. Molly has decided to take me under her wing and even sleeps on the foot of my bed at night. Now if I could only convince her she isn't a lap dog!


my vintage days said...

Hi Peggy,
Sometime those type of pets/friends become the best ones. And it sounds like she found you.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I too love coming to visit you every morning my precious friend!
Love and smiles across the miles!
Love you

Maggie Ann said...

Peggy, you have such a big loving heart for Molly. She just found her 'heaven on earth' I'd say! Thanks for sharing about your Saturday with me. That was not a good day for me. The Lord always has a timely word of love and hope for us doesn't he! Right now, it seems like I won't see my Mother for so long but I could be wrong about that....the rapture could be very eminent, hey!, I'm smiling and its coming up from my heart where Jesus lives.

Mom's Zoo said...

Your heart so sooo Ya

Kyra said...

She's a beautiful baby. I'm so glad she's finding a homd with you! I think rescued pets make the best pets of all. It's like they truly appreciate that you opened your heart to them. Both of my babies were found or rescued.

Lady Laurie said...

Bless you Peggy~you have a heart of gold,and Molly has found a wonderful friend!