Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I Got Mail!!

Stopped at the mailbox on the way back from taking off the trash and had a package from Finn She sent me her copy of "The Education of Little Tree". I had posted here about seeing the movie and how great it was. Finn ask if I would like to read the book the movie was made from and sent it to me!! Thank You, Thank You Finn! I am going to start reading it tonight. I always settle down in bed with a good book til I get sleepy and this will be the one tonight! Finn has just gotten back from vacation and still found time to send this to me! I am really blessed to have such wonderful "blog" friends. Some day I hope to meet her and others so we can chat in person. Thanks again Finn!


Lea said...

Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog too... may I add you to my friends list?

Leticia said...

I have never heard of the book or the movie.

I have to agree with you about "blog friends" they have been a true blessing in my life.

ms*robyn said...

blog friends are wonderful & I love how our little community is developing here :)... must get this movie!

Kali said...

what a wonderful thing for Finn to do ~ enjoy dear Peggy!

Finn said...

OK Peggy now my cheeks are getting've thanked me way toooo much. You are so very welcome for the book. I love sharing..and I had TWO copies of it. It's one of "those" books. I had gotten the first at a library sale of books they no longer wanted..I was thrilled to have it. And by gosh, the next year there was another..I couldn't pass it up. Must have been intended for YOU. I hope you understood, it's in, to keep or share with someone else.
The movie is lovely, but the words convey so much more in the reading of them. I love the whip-poor-will belief of his Granny.
Just delightful characters and I believe it's a true story. It looks nice on your night stand,*VBS*