Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Got Mail!!

I just had to take a break from yardwork to relax and read my postcards! Jenn's card had the beautiful wildflowers of the Blue Ridge Mtns. on it. She and I both live in or near these mountains and there are none like them! Alice sent me a beautiful picture of the capital of Australia.. Canberra. Both ladies added a nice note that made me feel like we have been friends forever. Thanks so much! Hugs to you both


Mrs. Darling said...

How lovely to get postcards! Your site is so cozy and joyful. I love to come here.

Saija said...

i've been collecting postcards since 1962 ... but only those sent to me ... so far i think i have almost 50 countries ... :o) ... they are so much fun to collect and have become a diary of my fam/friends trips!

love the way you've added the little moving charactors, etc. to your blog ... i agree with mrs. darling, you have a lovely site!

Anonymous said...

Love to you sweet Peggy. You always write about such lovely things and I enoy seeing all the mail you get from around the world.........The internet is a fabulous medium is it not??????????????
Love and hugs and happy Friday!
Weekend, Weekend, cha cha cha.
My husband worked long long long hours for over 10 years and 7 days a week.
I enjoy our time spent on weekends now and evenings too. I feel like a new bride!
Love and hugs
Jeanne ^j^