Thursday, September 01, 2005

Not a Time to Panic

Because the gasoline supply has stopped for now from the Gulf people are anxious they will be without. Everyone seems to be rushing to fill-up their vehicles so there are lines at all the stations. The governor of NC announced on TV last night that there IS NOT a shortage of fuel. Its the problem of getting the pipelines back up in the gulf and to get deliveries of fuel from other areas into here. Because of the panic many gas stations are closed because they have sold out. Please everyone, don't panic. If we remain calm and limit our driving we will be just fine. The hurricane has caused us a minor problem compared to what New Orleans residents are dealing with. Rumors seem to race when disasters happen. Let us remember that we have a home, water, food, clothing, etc .We don't need to panic and cause help to be taken away from those that need it just so we can feel good about having everything we need right at this moment. Be patient, Be Understanding, Be Conservative, but DON"T PANIC.

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melissa said...

Great post. I agree that there's not a shortage. Folks seem to turn into animals when their security is threatened.

Thanks for the sensible words.