Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

I am a little late for the self portrait but here it is. Been busy with my daughter-in-law moving some furniture and boxes from Lexington to here. Besides packing, loading, and unloading I have cut grass and we packed away some items in storage. Busy 2 days but now I have to put everything where it belongs which is the fun part. I love looking at things I have collected or been given me over the years and enjoying the memories of each item. The picture of my hand was taken on my table cloth ladder. I really enjoyed looking at the neat ways others did their picture!


Kali said...

Hi Peggy! I've taken the plunge too and joined SPT ~ I love your tablecloth, and what a neat idea having a tablecloth ladder. I would love to find one for my bathroom towels...no doubt it will show up when it's ready :)

ms*robyn said...

love it Peggy....now,eventully we can get all these self portraits together and come up with the totoal person?

Maggie Ann said...

Nice self portrait Peggy, I like all the colors and patterns together behind your hand.