Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

After reminding everyone about self portrait Tuesday at 1am this morning, I almost forgot! Was heading outside to get some yardwork done before it starts raining and then remembered. So here is a picture of my foot taken outside on the deck before I swept the acorns and leaves off..... That's all you get today. Was going to put on a vintage apron for a picture but that will have to wait. We are expecting lots of wind and rain this afternoon and tomorrow from Ophilia so I need to get things tidied up outside that I don't want blown away. Have a great Tuesday!


melissa said...

Cute shoes! Really cute!

ms*robyn said...

yep, I love the shoes too, matter of fact - I have a red pair just like them.

stay safe in those winds, Peggy xx

Maggie Ann said...

I have a pair of those shoes too, love'em. They make me feel secure...somehow! Aren't they called, MaryJanes? Hope the storm is not to bad.