Saturday, September 03, 2005

Stepping Back in Time?

On homestead forum we are discussing different things to cut the cost of living. Everyone on that site homesteads in their own way. We try to raise all or most of our veg's. Most have chickens for eggs and meat. A lot have goats for milking, selling, making soaps and candles, and eating. Some on our forum live in the city or town but do their part in homesteading by growing veg's in backyards or in pots on patio. Some raise rabbits to sell or eat. Everyone one of us including you are homesteaders in some form as we want to cut down the amount of money we have to pay out to survive. One of the topics we were discussing is using horses to plow and even for transportation. Heating and cooking with wood (if possible where you live). Using oil lamps and candles a lot more and electricity less. Some of our members are off grid (no power lines or power bill) completely. They have solar power or use generators for small amounts of times for computer or to charge items. Stepping out of the rat race isn't for everyone but cutting costs is. Each one of us can do something even if its just clipping coupons. So much of our lives today is spending. Buying things to keep up with our neighbors or just because the kids think they want it. Instead of gameboy games whats wrong with sitting down as a family and playing a board game? Costs a lot less and the whole family profits from it. Instead of everyone having a TV in their room, whats wrong with the family sitting in the living room or den watching a movie together? Do we really need all those channels on TV? I am not trying to convert everyone to living like "Little House on the Prairie" but to stop and think for a moment on whats really important in our lives and what we really need to be comfortable and happy. I think if you take the time to really think about it you will realize you money and lots of items aren't what make you happy. With jobs becoming scarce, and prices going up if we are already trying to cut back where we can we won't feel the crunch as prices rise. Okay I will get off my soap box and get out and enjoy this beautiful day. Have a great Labor Day and if you want to read more about homesteading click on this site.
You will find a nice group of people there from all walks of life.


ms*robyn said...

Peggy.. I am going to join that forum! I am obviously a homesteader.. I grow my own vegies, I keep chickens ( but only for eggs - couldnt kill one of my 'girls'
great post !!!!

Northern Farmer said...

Even though I rarily post there I try to visit everyday. In my humble opinion it's the best homestead forum on the web. Learn alot. And good people.
By the way, I love your blog Peggy!