Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We had a very bad storm last night and now my yard is covered in leaves. I had been so faithful about keeping them raked and burnt but can't tell it now. It has been so hot we have broken the heat record 2 days in a row for this time of year. That is what caused the bad storm last night. The lightening came so fast it was like daylight outside. The thunder was continuous. I loved it (except when the lightening was too close) but Molly really became a lap dog. I couldn't move from the sofa until the storm passed because she was sitting on me. Molly must have felt secure on my lap cause she went to sleep with her head on my shoulder, drooling and snoring. So this morning I am going to finish up my household tasks and after lunch I am going to rake up all the leaves (again) and get my yard neat for now anyways. I know with all the trees we have its a never ending job. Go have another cup of coffee/tea, tidy your house, do something to make someone else smile and then do something to make you smile! Have a great day.

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Gina E. said...

I am surprised that you rake and burn leaves, Peggy! If you are going to go back to nature, you should be leaving all those beautiful leaves where they fall, in order to feed the ground and the trees that they fell from. It took me 10 years to convince the MOTH to leave our leaves alone, and it finally paid off. We have lovely rich soil, where before there was clay.