Sunday, September 11, 2005

Zoo and Chicken Stew

Friday night William and I headed for Ashboro to find a motel for the night. His daughter and grandson were meeting us there and spending Saturday at the Zoo. We could only spend part of the day there as we had to drive on to Lexington for my MIL's chicken stew get together. Since we only had a few hours we chose the African part of the zoo. We did purchase season passes so we can go anytime with as many children as we want to take for free and 1 other adult so I know we will be going to see the other countries animals.

We enjoyed the monkeys the most I think and all the beautiful trees and plants. We had a picnic lunch and then left to pick up bowls, drinks and crackers for the chicken stew. I really am looking forward to going back to the zoo soon and to other zoo's as our pass is good for lots of zoo's in lots of states! We had a great time at the chicken stew visiting with family and friends we don't see often enough. Of course we had way too much to eat only to have a table full of desserts that were begging to be tasted! There were over a 100 people there and my MIL hoped to break last years record of 105 which I think she did but will have to call her tomorrow and find out.
The chicken stew is cooked in a big iron pot over a open fire. There is also hotdogs and hamburgers and covered dishes ( and lots and lots of desserts) so there is something for everyone to eat.

We ended up having a great Saturday and spent the night at our house in Lexington. Today William was washing his truck and getting ready to head to Orlando and I am back home in Fayetteville taking care of the animals and catching up on emails and blogs. Hope all of you had a great weekend and your week will be filled with only good things!

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Maggie Ann said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Aren't zoos wonderful!!