Saturday, October 08, 2005

Goats Milk Soap

Sorry everyone I got busy and haven't had a chance to post the soap recipe. Have mine drying on wire racks today. My friend Sheri from Homestead.Org gave me this recipe and its very easy and mild on the skin. Takes about 6 weeks to dry out before wrapping each bar so if you want soap for Christmas you had better start soon.

Goats Milk Soap
If you don't have access to fresh goatsmilk you can buy canned goatsmilk and or use fresh whole cowsmilk.It makes a small managable batch, around 14 bars.
Mix 1c goatsmilk2oz sodium hydoxide (lye for soapmaking, not from the hardware store)This will turn bright yellow, get hot and smell awful.Remain calm.While that noxious mixture settles down and cools some, put the following into a blender-3/4c palm oil3/4c olive oil 1/2c coconut oil1/8c almond oilAdd milk/lye mixture and blend on low speed till (in cooking terms) soft peak set. If you want, add 1 tsp soap safe fragrance and stir to mix in.Pour immediately into molds (empty washed single serve applesauce containers work great) and cover with a towel.Let set overnight and turn out of molds.Let cure on a rack for 6wks before using.


Maggie Ann said...

I'd just love this I think...but am too chicken to cook up the sodium hydoxide part. I saw a lady on 'Crafters Coast to Coast' make soap and she put on goggles when she boiled? the lye part. Anyway...its sweet of you to give out the 'recipe'.

Peggy said...

this recipe is so simple that there is no cooking to it. Just mixing.