Monday, October 17, 2005

I Got Mail!!

I Got Mail!!! This weekend has been a very stressful one. Today I go to the mailbox and when I open it I say "Thank You Lord"! I have beautiful vintage postcards from the area I grew up from my sweet niece Brandy. Thank you so much for the cards and helping cheer me up. I was surprised that I received collages already! I got a gorgeous one from Ainslie with a sweet smelling packet that is already in my vacuum (thank you very much). I also got a darling collage from Robyn (thank you, thank you thank you). This depressing day has gotten so much better thanks to you 3 wonderful ladies. Thanks again for brightening my day. Hugs to all 3 because you really outdid yourselves! Ainslie's Collage is the first one. Brandy's vintage Postcards that are from where I grew up.

And This is Ms. Robyn's darling Collage!!


Anonymous said...

Love and kisses and very best wishes!
Love Jeanne

dolly said...

oh my! it is lovely to get leetle surprises in the post, is it not?

thanks for my package, I did not personally thank you - I loved it and it really did make my day!...dollx

ms*robyn said...

oh Ainslies collage is very clever - aussie wow!!! so glad that you received mail when feeling blue. this mail stuff is good, is it not? ha ha,always wanted to say that !

Lady Laurie said...

There is nothing like getting a little something in the mail~a definite pleaser!

Maggie Ann said...

I love seeing your collages Peggy...they are just delightful!