Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I have Been Tagged

Okay novaks8 has tagged me and I have to write 20 things about myself. Go grab a cuppa tea, read a book, take a shower cause this is going to take a while!!
1. I married at a early age
2. I have 3 daughters and their names all start with "M"
3.It took me 8 years to get a 4 yr. Degree (see #2)
4.I love all holidays and love decorating for every one of them!
5.I use to put candy the girls didn't like in their stockings and Easter baskets so they would give it to me (now Megan is going to give me a hard time cause she hated peeps)
6. Though I love scuba diving in the ocean I am scared when swimming in the ocean.
7.I speak my mind even if it hurts way too much!
8.I burnt a brand new sesame street game in the fireplace because the girls wouldn't stop fighting over it.
9.I hate to drive but always have to if I want to go anywhere.
10. I really really want to get our home off-grid with solar panels for electric and live a very simple life.
11. I had 16 Christmas trees in my house one year
12.I love seafood except for shrimp.
13. I don't like shrimp because of the sound it makes when you bite it. ( yeah I am funny like that)
14.I love making our family Christmas weekend extra special and full of surprised for the grandkids so they will always have happy memories even when Santa magic is gone.
15.I have a weak spot of stray animals and always end up keeping them.
16.I'd rather listen to talk radio stations than music when driving.
17.I have no patience whatsoever!!
18.I don't get afraid being alone and will walk outside in the dark if I hear anything just to see what it was.
19. Am bad to go to bed with my keys still in the doorlock (on the outside LOL)
20.I am a thrift store junky and have way too much junk!!

Okay now here is the easy part..... Megan, Brandy, Sharon, Rose and Queen Dolly.. TAG your turn!!!


ms*robyn said...

thanks so much for not choosing me this week *phew*.....loved reading your 20 things & can't wait to see what you do for the other holidays in the way of decorating. Speaking your mind - I am the opposite...until I eventually lose it :)

novaks8 said...

I'm with you on the decorating.

I have a tree in every room!

Anonymous said...

Love to read more about you!
Love Jeanne

Patricia said...

i love these lists. i do them once a week without ever being tagged. how pathetic, haha.

16 trees?! wow! a love it when a person gets into the holidays!

disliking shrimp is almost a deal-breaker for me.

losing santa magic? never!

Maggie Ann said...

Thats nice to read about you Peggy. I check the door at night at least twice after my hubby (in the past) has assured me the doors are locked only to discover in the a.m. a door was unlocked. Scuba diving is wow, I'm impressed!