Thursday, October 13, 2005

I was reading all of my favorite blogs tonight and I realized that most of us have had a rough week, day, or episode. 90% of us have been praying more than usual and have ask our internet friends to keep us in their thoughts and prayers. I think it is wonderful that we all turn to "knee mail" for answers to our problems and that we have the trust in our friends to ask for their prayers and good thoughts. I know each time I started praying about the problems William and I are facing right now I would remember that one of my friends has a daughter that is having some learning problems so I included her in my prayer request. Before I even finished praying for her I remembered my friend who's husband is going thru some health problems and may have to retire so I started praying for him. How could I forget my friend who's husband is facing a very difficult time at his teaching job so I ask God to please be with this couple and smooth the road a little for their journey. 3 of my friends are in the middle of moving or soon will be and have so much facing them so of course I had to ask God to reach down and touch them with a blessing.Another friend is having problems that she just can't share but has asked for prayers so I said an extra one for her. A very dear friend of mine has lost her home and all these other stressful things seem to keep happening to her. She has remained cheerful and thankful for blessings in her life that I had to do a little more knee mail for her and her family. Another friend has children overseas dealing with some issues, Another friend has lost her mother, another is about to lose her grandfather. I guess what I am saying is this week for some reason each of us have been a little overwhelmed with problems yet we were there for each other and we also knew who held the world in his hands. We knew where we needed to go for ourselves and for our friends. I thank each of you for your prayers and please know that I have kept each of you in mine even if there wasn't a problem in your life this week. I just thanked God for the blessing of having such wonderful internet friends. Problems and stress may not disappear but they sure seem to be a little less harder to handle with all of you as friends and knowing God's got us all in the palm of his hands. God Bless each of you and thank you again for being wonderful friends and for your prayers!


ms*robyn said...

with all these internet friends we have - we have the whole world wrapped in prayer, what a great feeling - hugs to you dear Peggy xx

Anonymous said...

Yes I too use "knee mail" quite often every single day. I take my faith very seriously!
When prayers go up blessings come down.
We all have problems in our lives but that God for the wonderful people who love us and keep our hearts full of love and joy in spite of it all.
Even after their darkest hour birds still continue to sing in the morning!
Love you darling friend!

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Peggy,
You are often in my thoughts and prayers,and I am so happy to call you my friend! We may be miles apart but are together in spirit!

Patricia said...

hugs and peace this weekend. may it be filled with many moments of comfort and fun.

Maggie Ann said...

Our son was here a while ago, and he said he was amazed how we women bonded with one another. Its true..and what a blessing to have the support and love of others. I know it pleases God too and its his will. Mark 12:30,31. As another friend of mine says, its a privelige to pray for others and how precious and helpful when they pray for us. I'm going to have to put my computer to bed now and myself also, after I wash up and put on some yummy Irish Creme Lotion... =) Peggy, your post is a blessing...and how true. Friendship and prayer together...what a great combination! It humbles my heart with thanks to think on it. (Hoping and praying your truck repair estimates work out reasonably).