Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The internet is still here! LOL I have been so busy that I haven't been online much today. I am still unpacking and putting items away that I brought from Lexington. Fran and I took our trash to the dump and came straight home. We usually go from there to a store or something but we both had things we wanted to get done today. I brought down 3 more boxes of books only to realize that I forgot my other 2 bookshelves. The ones here are already full. I brought in all my house plants as they are calling for frost tonight. I had to give Molly her second bath in 2 days. She loves to go swimming in the neighbors pool while I visit. They have a large fenced in yard and Molly loves to go over when I go so she can play with their german shepard "Bo". Guess she gets hot running and playing and decided to take a dip. She walks down the steps and just starts swimming, gets out shakes off and starts running and playing again. The pool is dirty now and so she comes out smelling dirty. Molly will go right in a dirty cold swimming pool but when I run her a nice warm bath... I have to drag her and physically put her in the tub! She will stay once I put her in and won't get out till I tell her its okay but she won't go or help me put her in the tub. I also got another load of laundry on the line... nice sunshiny day for it. All in all I got a lot done but still have tons to do. My granddaughters Kristine and Raigun called me to talk while their mom drove home. Kristine is so excited to come visit us.... not because we have moved back to the house she loves but because she can go next door to Frans and get sweet ice tea. Now I make sweet ice tea but I don't put a bag of sugar in it. Kristine says Ms. Fran makes the best tea in the world. All I can say is when I drink it, I can stay up all night and get lots done! Raigun says she wants to go with PopPop so she can play in the snow. He is on his way to Michigan from Pa. and says there is 6 to 7 inches of snow and the roads were slick. I know he would love to stop along the way so he and Raigun could build a snowman and have a snowball fight. He wouldn't have to worry about not having anyone to talk to as Raigun can talk a lot and about a lot of things, especially super hero's. One day raisin PopPop will take you in the big truck. I have finished my supper so guess I had better get back to unpacking boxes. Have a wonderful night/day wherever you are, hug your children/grandchildren and don't forget to say your prayers!

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Maggie Ann said...

Hi Peggy...just wanted to say that your comment over at my blog blessed my heart so much. My Mum was the same as yours....she never went anywhere without a book in her purse or tote, and at home too. She also collected G.L.H. and Emily Loring and Sara Ware Basset etc. I sure got my love of reading from my Mum and her side of the family. My Grandma always had open books laying about among the needlework and doileys being worked on. Throw in a full candy dish and big bouquets of summer flowers and a couple of house cats and I thought Grandma's place was paradise! *hugs* to you!