Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

After breaking up a dog/puppy fight,getting a call of an uncle that had died (not one of the 2 that have terminal cancer),taking my neighbor to the store, hauling off 3 bags of trash the handyman left for me, and listening to hubby tell me we will probably have to pay $5000 for truck repairs this is all you get.... A foot. I have to sell the rest of me to pay for the truck. Roll Hopefully our prayers will be answered and it won't be that bad. That is the high estimate til they get it broke down and see if its that bad. Life has its up and downs... So I am going to keep trying knee mail and hope I get a good answer.


Maggie Ann said...

Peggy, you've had a rough day! I'm sorry to hear of your Uncle's passing. And..the bad news about the probable $5000 in truck repairs. Hope it will turn out to not be so much money.....Your socks are cute as can be...just the right pair for the season and look so cozy =). You made my day so very special..thankyou again!! Take care, I'll keep you in my prayers.

ms*robyn said...

oh - so sorry to hear of your uncle's death. And then the truck repairs on top - so many of our blogging friends are having a rough trot at the moment.
a foot is fine :) - I find it easy to take photos of my own feet. Cute socks by the way - what else but Halloween for you ms*peggy!!

Anonymous said...

I like your Halloween socks.
Sock it to me!
Remember from Laugh In?
Blessings my friend.
Love Jeanne