Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This morning seems like the more I do the more behind I am. Trying to get everything William wants done because he will be heading back out tomorrow morning. Trying to get the handyman all settled in his trailer and make sure he has everything he needs. William brought Bud's (iguana) indoor house down so I had to rearrange the dining room so it would fit. Bud has been outside all summer and has loved it. He will be very mad at me when I bring him in for the cold months. William also brought down my wood cookstove and we had to find a place to put it as the kitchen isn't ready for it plus it needs to be cleaned and some minor repairs done on it. We took ALL the dogs for a walk this morning and that was a job in itself! 5 dogs wanting to smell things in 5 different directions gives you plenty of exercise! I fixed spanish omelets for brunch being we were too busy to eat breakfast. Now I am going to wash the dishes and then give Buds house a good cleaning so it will be ready for him when our cold weather hits. We are suppose to get wind and rain from Tropical Storm Tammy so after today I will be able to work and relax inside for a few days. I hope everyone else is having a nice relaxing Wednesday!


Tee said...

WOw! I have trouble walking 2!
I want to see a pic of the doggies! :) I love them.

Lady Laurie said...

Nothing like taking dogs for a walk to get your heart rate up!
Love the Halloween picture!

Anonymous said...

You are getting so much accomplished!
You go girl!
Love to read all about your life!
Love Jeanne ^j^

ms*robyn said...

Hi Peggy * hope the rain & wind wasn't too severe. sounds like you had a busy day !!!