Thursday, October 13, 2005

We are finally suppose to get some sunshine today after 9 days of rain and cloudy days!Have lots of laundry to hang on the lines. We still haven't gotten the estimate on Williams truck yet so please continue to keep him in your prayers. Seems these cloudy gloomy days have brought sad and bad things with it. Hopefully the sun will bring happy and positive things! I am going to post my sour dough bread starter later today as I have had several people ask for it. Its very simple and you feed it every 5 days, remove a cup and either make 2 loaves of bread or given that cup away to someone to start their own starter. Makes yummy sour dough bread! But until then I have lots of chores to do outside and some bookkeeping to do to catch everything up for William. Everyone have a wonderful day and count your blessings!!


Patricia said...

counting you and your thoughtful blogging among them ;)
i cannot wait for the sourdough.

Anonymous said...

I hope the "son" comes out
in both aspects to your posting!
Happy days are here again we will be chanting!
Prayers and love!

Finn said...

Oh dear heart, the rain will pass away and there WILL be a sunny day. For today, we'll have to make our own sunshine, and let the world weep til it's through.
Hang in don't stand alone....Hugs, Finn oxoxox

dolly said...

oooh I have never had sourdough bread. you post it, I'll make it...

love ya!