Monday, October 10, 2005

Well it sure is Monday at our house! You know the day where everything seems to go wrong and every problem you could ever think of having happens on a Monday. William just got his truck back from having repairs done and paying $1700 only to have it break down on his way to Wisconsin. He had to call a tow truck and company is lending him a truck but now we have the cost of a tow truck which is quite large for a semi and the cost of another repair that William thinks will be very large. He is also having a lot of back pain right now so stress is getting to him more easier than usual. He is always the calm one in a storm. Our handyman that hasn't had to work yet because we have had rain every day since he has been here up and left without a word( after we paid him of course). We had set up a 28 ft. camper trailer for him. He had a full bathroom, bedroom with kitchen/dining area all to his self. I even stocked it with groceries after asking what things he liked and didn't like. William gave him a van to drive that was just for him only so he wouldn't have to ask for a ride anywhere. Put a TV out there and gave him some books to read. He also came and ate meals with us in the evenings. It had rained and he couldn't do anything so guess he got tired of sitting around or something. I went out to see if he needed anything this morning and he was gone. Left the keys to trailer and van on table along with all his dirty dishes and a messy place but no note. Had to pass this info on to William to add to his already bad day. Wish we hadn't paid him but we wanted him to have money for cig's and such and not have to ask. Sorry I am venting this morning but while you are going about your day today would you please say a prayer for William? I am praying that his back pain will ease and his truck repair will be small and ask each of you to do the same. Power of prayer is a mighty thing. Thanks everyone!


Maggie Ann said...

Thats a shame so many things went wrong at once. Your poor hubby! I know you are feeling the stress too Peggy. (don't ask how I know, my hubby is laying some vinyl tile flooring and its not going well) Saying a prayer for you and William. How rude of your handman to leave in such a way when you were SO gracious to him. When it rains it pours...Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*

Patricia said...

i am sending all good thoughts to william and to you.

may your path get easier - and less expensive! - very soon.

Lady Laurie said...

Hi Peggy!,
Try not to stress out too much,I hope Williams' back is feeling better,it is so hard to drive with a bad back.

P.S. Love your recipes!