Saturday, November 12, 2005


No one ever could devise
Such beauty in gorgeous hue
As in lovely autumntime
For that only God can do!

This entire colorful splendor
Is for everyone to please
Autumn leaves in red and gold
Are falling from the trees.

Silently, so silently
They slowly blanket the land
In this miracle on earth
I see the Master's hand

There is no better way
To prove that God exists
Than the beauty seen in Autumn
In God's will it does persist

Thanks, dear God above
For all Your many gifts
I know in autumntime
Many joyful hearts it lifts.
by Bernice Laux


Shell said...

Beautiful - both the picture and the verse. Our Autumn isn't that spectacular as we have a fairly temperate climate here, so it is lovely to see the season in all of its glory through someone elses eyes.

Amy said...

Aren't the autumn colours just wonderful? That's the one thing I love about that time of year.

Maggie Ann said...

That is lovely! Isn't fall a wonderful time of year! Just a technicolor miracle. What a great God we have.