Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas Past

The memories most endearing
No matter where we roam
Are those of Christmas past
In a place we knew as home
The magic of the season
With scent of wax and pine
The aroma from the kitchen
That beckoned us to dine
The dancing lights upon the tree
That cast their Yuletide spell
The joyous song of carolers
Peace on earth Noel
The treasured scenes of yesteryear
Could prayer but make them last
Traditions of the heart live on
In dreams of Christmas past.
by David Hay


Finn said...

Morning Peggy, I LOVE all the new pictures !! So happy and jolly...makes me feel like a happy ole elf !
Thanks so much for the lovely card from the Victorian those pictures..*VBS*

Your festive blog is looking wonderful !! Hugs, Finn

Lady Laurie said...

Peggy,where do you come up with these lovely poems??!! Please keep em' coming ~ they are such a joy to read!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I love the poems you post..

I keep trying to make wonderful memeories for my kids...but i never no if i am or not..