Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Gaye

Bonnie Gaye Roper

Today my sister Bonnie Gaye would have been 57 years old. Gaye and I would fight like cats and dogs growing up but we would also fight for each other. When we both were grown and married we became very close. She would bring her children and come to the farm for weeks at a time. We would sit up late and talk. Sometimes we would just sit in front of the fire and enjoy the peace and quiet. Gaye died at the age of 32 from melanoma. She left behind 2 sons and 2 daughters that were very young. Gaye didn't give up on life, infact she lived 5 years longer than doctors had given her. She ask the doctors at Duke University to give her any experimental drugs they wanted. If by taking them she could help someone else then it would be worth it. She was in the hospital the last 6 weeks of her life. She had everything planned so her family wouldn't have a lot of things to handle when she died. She had planned for her husband to raise their children but that wasn't meant to be. 6 months after she died he fell asleep with a cigarette and they found him at the front door where smoke had overtook him before he could get out. I feel like they are together watching over their children and their grandchildren. Sherry (the oldest) is mom to a daughter and son. She worked for years as a bookkeeper but is a stay at home mom now. Kimberly is a xray technician at a military hospital where her husband is stationed. John is a youth minister for a church in Virginia and going to the seminary to become a minister. He has 2 sons. Scottie graduated college with a major in radio and television communication and is still single at the moment. Gaye would have been very proud of her children and I know her grandchildren would have been spoiled rotten by her. I could be bitter that these children lost their mom so young and that I lost my sister but I am blessed that she was in my life. Her children are blessed that she was their mother and are making sure they tell their children about their grandmother. And I know that there is a beautiful place waiting for me when I die because my sister saw it and told us about all the beautiful flowers and green fields that she was seeing and not to worry that she would be there for us when our time came. My older sister is still looking out for me, just from above. I love you sis and Happy Birthday!

I've gotten used to missing you,
My grief's begun to ease;
I don't sit down to write you notes
Or phone to shoot the breeze.
When in a crowd someone may laugh
Or sound a lot like you;
And then the pain will grip my heart
And flood my soul anew.
I've gotten used to missing you,
I'm learning day by day
To focus on good memories
And put the rest away.
On strong days I scan photographs
Of happy times we knew;
I picture Jesus in my mind
And place Him next to you.
I've gotten used to missing you,
And though it's been 25 years;
I still am just a thought away
From aching and from tears.
But my sorrow will have an end,
So let the teardrops pour;
Until I'm once again with you
And the One who loves you more.


Perri said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sister. Her kids sound like every mother's dream. I know she would be proud.

Amy said...

awww sorry about your sister, did you both look much alike? I ask that because my sister and I don't look anything alike, we have the same green eyes but I'm white skinned whereas she's olive skinned, I have light brown hair, she has dark brown hair.

ms*robyn said...

sending big hugs to you, Peggy. I only have one sister and even though we live a fair way apart, I know she is always there for me

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your special Sister
watching over you from Heaven!
Big hugs!

Patricia said...

beautiful tribute. i'm sure she smiles on you, now :)

Finn said...

A beautiful tribute to and sentiments about your sister, Peggy.It's a comform to know that you are at peace about it. A hard place to reach for many of us. I'm blessed to have two sisters, and my friends who are like sisters..*VBS* Thank you for sharing.

P.S. #1 daughter was here last Thursday, and saw your collage on my bookcase. She was delignted with it, studied it carefully and said "it's wonderful"...*VBS* I think so too, and I'm loving the soap also..*S* Reminds me of you,,*S*

my vintage days said...

What a touching post.

barbara curtis said...

Dear Peggy -

I'm glad I came by to read this todya. It's very beautiful and made me cry. Thank you for sharing your sister and her children with us.


almost there said...

To answer a question asked ealrier, yes mom and her sis look alike. When I opened this page today and saw the picture I realized just how much the resemble each other. Both beautiful women

Peggy said...

megan may think we look alike but I think my sister looked like my dad. They both had the dark cherokee skin and black hair, high cheekbones and thin long nose. Mother and I have the round face, pug nose, brown hair and chubby cheeks of the german.

Maggie Ann said...

What a loving tribute to your sister. She lives on in you and her children, yet how infinitly wondrous to have life in the presence of God also. I was born in 1948 also. Your post touched my heart. May God bless you!

Kali said...

Dear Peggy ~ thanks for sharing that beautiful tribute to your sister ~ and thanks for reminding us to treasure our loved ones. HUGS to you.