Monday, November 07, 2005

I have a couple more pictures but I think I need new batteries cause they are kinda dark too and I used the flash. Anyways I took an old door and made a headboard out of it. I cut some of the leaf prints out of the border and put them on the headboard and outlined them with the paint I used on the walls. I now have white night stands and white chest of drawers and am moving a antique jelly cabinet into the room that is already white and will put my collection of vintage bath powder containers and music boxes inside the glass doors. The picture on the wall is a photo that has been turned upside down. The photographer took a picture of a lake with a reflection of the sky and then turned it upside down to frame it. I have 2 vintage oil lamps with glass shades that have been converted into electric lamps which I put on each side of the bed. I will take a picture of the whole room when I finish and get batteries in the camera but I think you get an ideal of where I am going with the room.


Veronika said...

It looks beautiful! You're pretty artistic.
I've heard of turning a door into a headboard, and want to try it sometime.
P.S. When purchasing batteries, get the rechargeable ones, you'll never run out!

Mrs. Darling said...

Wow I havent been here in a while and have missed all your Thanksgiving stuff! How lovely. I also read that you received a care package. I havent gotten a care package since 1977! How lovely they are and how happy I am for you!

ms*robyn said...

ms*robyn - stopped by xox

Anonymous said...

Autumn is a second spring and every leaf a miracle!
Love the new look and you!

Maggie Ann said...

Peggy, I love your border and the idea of turning the door into a headboard is wonderful. You are so go they Your white sounds like the perfect showcase for your vintage tins and music box collecion (how wonderful must that be!), and the leaves are really great looking. They look real!

Kali said...

Hi Peggy ~ I finally had a chance to drop by and must say that I love the pics of your home. It looks great. Also with my new address, I think I will will email Robyn with it and she can then send one email out to the ladies. But in the mean time I have redirected my mail for the next six months, so mail to the old address will be coming to me still.

novaks8 said...

Hey girl

That is pretty!

I have two pieces of wood, I think they are bifold doors that were never used because they have no holes for knobs or anything.

I have been thinking about using them for a headboard.

I love the border. That is very pretty.