Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Set up my snowman tree on the buffet and found that I had taken Dimples favorite spot to set and look at the window and nap. She doesn't seem to mind and I just have to set some of the snowmen back up. Have 4 small trees up around the house and so far the cats haven't tried to smack at the ornaments or bother the trees. Have been addressing our Christmas cards and almost halfway thru. I want to start wrapping gifts today so I can see what's left to make or purchase. Our family weekend Christmas is a week from Friday so I have lots to do. I fed my sourdough starter last night and now its time to make bread. Think I will give some bread as gifts to friends. I am making homestead stew to can for one son in law. That's all he wanted me to give him so am canning it in pint jars as his gift. Its still raining here so I have a good day to finish up projects and chores here at the homestead. Hope you are enjoying your day and having fun getting ready for the holidays.


Mrs.Garcia said...

I love the picture of dimples and the snowmen tree on the buffet.
Thank you for the reminder that Christmas will be here before I know it. I need to finish writing out our Christmas Cards this year.
Also I wanted to thank you for stoping by my blog.
I also wanted to say hello to my new Blogger Friend.

Leticia said...

Okay, now I am jealous of your friends, I would love to have homemade bread, mmmm...yummy.

Love the picture!

Finn said...

Hurray!! Your little tree let me post..thank you!! Your canned stew sounds wonderful..what a lucky SIL...and you know I've been so tempted to start the sourdough starter..but wonder if I could possible use enough to keep it going, with it just being me here.

Love the look of your blog..the pictures are as good as a present..*VBS*

Are you really going to FL or the winter???

Tee said...

LOL - Cute picture. Don't worry about Dimples. Cats have a way of reclaiming their space. (i.e. knocking your stuff out of the way or laying on top of it. LOL.)

I love to give homemade things as gifts. YUM. Bread!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Peggy, I'm having a cozy day at the computer while it pours rain outside. Its so tranquil to laze away the day. Like one of our Pastor's always said though....'paydays acomin'. I'll have to make up for my idleness sooner than later *smile*. Its enjoyable to read your posts and see your pictures. How my Mum would have loved your cats...she had to have her cat put to sleep about a year before she had her bad stroke. She never said a word about it, but I know she had to have cried buckets over Needsie. Thanks for sharing your day!

Peggy said...

Wish I could give you all a slice of hot buttered sourdough bread! I will at least take a bite for each one of you. LOL No I am not going to Florida for the winter. You are the second one to ask me that.

Rachel said...

Yum, canned homestead stew sounds good!!