Sunday, November 13, 2005

Somewhere are tranquil waters
That we all seek to find
To leave behind our sorrows
And capture peace of mind
I find mine in the country
Where small wildflowers grow
Where your eyes can follow birds in flight
Not knowing where they go
Where fields are wet with morning dew
and color fills the sky
My Jesus waits on dusty roads
Where I'll be passing by
Perhaps you seek still waters
To help you on your way
You needn't be where I find mine
Stay where you are and pray
by Edna Fontaine


Anonymous said...

May we all be blessed with tranquil waters in the stormy sea of life!
Love you

Oreo said...

Bible study starts tomorrow!!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Peggy...blessings to you. I've been offline for a couple of days and am cleaning out closets. That tell you anything?? *smile* I keep thinking of those decorating shows where they tell the pile for discards, one, for keeping and one for donations. I'm trying....honest =). I love it that Jesus Christ is always waiting for us to turn to him. Hallelujah....what a Saviour!