Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Well, I have been going thru withdrawal! Phone and internet have been off for the past few hours and I couldn't get my blog reading fix for the day! Called in and they had me outside opening the phone box and checking different things only to find out that the state that was mowing the sides of the road ran over the box that was there! Anyway I am back and can catch up on the blogs while my sourdough bread bakes. I have my squash and sweet potato casseroles in the fridge.2 pumpkin pies baked, green beans ready to be cooked, pan of dressing ready to be baked, turkey ready to pop in the oven, cranberry sauce all ready, creamed corn ready to cook, have my potatoes so I can peel and cook them for mashed potatoes, and stuff to make my giblet gravy. Everything is ready to go so just waiting til Turkey day so we can enjoy our meal and be thankful for all we have. Nice cold day today so I have a fire going and the house smells like baking bread. The cats are laying by the fire and I am relaxing with a mug of hot cocoa..... Life is good! Enjoy your internet, do a little baking, relax with your pets and have a great day!


dolly said...

eeeuuuuh I am scared about being away from my internet connection, it is one of my main concerns!!! lol! what *did* we do before the world wide web???? *wink*

p.s. love the music

ms*robyn said...

keep the hot cocoa warm - I will be there soon! that food sounds simply srummy !!!!!

Maggie Ann said...

When I got down to that sentence...'the cats are laying by the fire...'I could just feel the tension melt away as I relaxed with you...thanks friend!