Monday, November 28, 2005

What a crazy day I am having. I got all my items together for my seasonal swap and had so much fun wrapping them and arranging them in this adorable box. I placed everything carefully and put that box and items inside a shipping box, taped it up tight, made a large mailing label and taped that on nice and snug.... Only to turn around and see that I left out the card! I found a special card and had written in the card why I chose the items and how special my swap partner is to me. I am mailing the card anyway and will have to explain to her why she gets a card talking about a package that hasn't arrived yet! THEN I go to send her an email to let her know what I did only to click on the wrong address and send it to another person that is wondering what the heck I am talking about cause they don't remember joining this swap! So I have sent her an email telling her I am a dunce twice today and its still early. Hopefully the card, package and last of my Christmas hankies will go out in the morning and I will have completed my swaps for now. My stocking went out last week and I am sure it went to the right person..... Um I better go check! Amy thank you so much for the cute Christmas card.. I love the puppy!


Maggie Ann said...

Peggy, your little teapot is cute. I thought for a minute there it wasn't going to let me comment....that would be frustrating to see your card was left out of your package. I'm glad you mentioned the hankies, I need to get mine in the mail...out of sight, out of mind for me at times *smile*. Hubby is on the way home and I've got to go, just wanted to hurry over and 'see' you!

ms*robyn said...

see what happens? queen Dolly jets off to down-under and we are all left being dilly dollies :)
so glad that you have days like that.... it makes my emails to you about the swaps, quite 'normal'

Lori said...

I am so glad to hear that you have mixed up days too! I have them all the time, but I am sure it has something to do with the little ones under my feet and asking me questions every five seconds interrupting my thoughts.
Glad you got things sorted out.

Leticia said...

Hi Peggy,

I am so happy you stopped by my blog, I love yours, the music is beautiful.

I shall return!