Monday, December 05, 2005

All I Want For Christmas..

Dear Santa,
My friend Monica has already written you a letter asking for things for her friends (including me) but I have some friends I would like you to visit on Christmas Eve. They have been really really good so I hope you will give these things to them.For my friend Lea at the End of the road could you give her a nice blue ribbon? She already has a wonderful life with hubby and children so a nice blue ribbon for her blog page would be perfect.Alice has been real busy in her garden lately that a nice bottle of your finest wine and a cd of classical music would help her relax and enjoy her garden.Jeanne has been a wonderful friend Santa so I would love if you would give her a beautiful china teapot and some of the best tea you can find. While she is having her tea could you arrange a call from her family in Korea? Amy has just moved to a wonderful home in Wisconsin and her stove went on the blink. Do you have room in your sleigh for a new stove with a nice big oven for her? I know she would be very happy! Santa, Ms Robyn has spent a lot of time getting some nice swaps together for all of us so really should have something extra special. Could the elves wrap up some marshmallow soap, body souffle,body butter,bathfoam by MOR? Mrs. Darling has been extra good this year Santa. She is always doing for others and putting herself last. It would mean a lot to me if you would give her a weekend get away while someone does her chores for the whole day and takes good care of her children and husband so she won't worry.Over at Fireflys and Frogs my friend has worked hard at getting her home and life into the order she wants. I know you have friends in high places so could you get the While You Were Out crew to give her bedroom a make-over? She has been so busy with the family and rest of the house that I want a special room just that she can go to that will make her feel relaxed and appreciated.Crystal is one woman that has been so blessed in life that there isn't a lot you can give her.I know she would really be happy if you could give her son a safe trip home from Ft. Bragg and when her daughter moves to California could you send a guardian angel with her? That would make Crystals Christmas the best! My young friend Lori in Canada has been so nice to me Santa. She helped me with my blog questions while she was busy with her young children, moving and crafting so lets give her a craftroom so her hubby doesn't have to smell the glue and a years supply of the best ground coffee you can get your hands on. For Rachael Santa could you make sure my stocking package to her arrives and that she likes it? Wendy is enjoying Christmas in Australia and the beaches there so what do you think about leaving a nice picnic basket filled with special treats under her tree with a Simon and Garfunkel cd?
Santa be sure and put in a Charlotte Church CD and a new cello bow for my friend Maggie.She would never ask for anything for herself. My friend Perri in Indiana is a big Duke Blue Devils baskball fan so if you could swing a couple of center court seats for her and hubby along with airline tickets (they can stay at my house that weekend) she would love you for life! For my friend just_Christine please send her husband a new 15 year plan (you know what we mean Santa) and stick the keys to a condo in Hawaii in her stocking while you are there.Gina E. has been a good girl this year Santa so lets give her a trunk filled with vintage linens. Kali has been really busy in her new craft room and her husband has even built shelves for her so how about we give her lots of beads, wire and jewerly making items?Now Santa Finn sent me a wonderful book this year and left me sweet comments on my blog so I would like for her to have all of Tony Hillerman's books and a CD by Nora Jones. She needs to rest her fingers from all that sewing. Leann is having a wonderful life in Texas and doesn't need a lot but could you give her father in law the strength and courage for his upcoming heart procedure? I know she would be very greatful. Now Santa my friend Queen Dolly has up and moved to Australia where her Christmas will be very hot. Lets stick some sunscreen, a nice dilly dolly hat and a nice dolly swimsuit (fit for a queen of course) in her stocking.Amy over at Retrospective is always giving nice tips and sharing her reading list with us so would you put "The Best of Judy Garland" and "Classic Sinatra" under her tree? Lady Laura has had a really rough year Santa. They are having to rebuild their home after the hurricane while living in their RV so I would really appreciate if you would give her and her family a nice happy calm holiday and make sure the rebuilding goes fast and smooth. She never complains Santa and always makes each of us smile and feel special.Could you find something extra special in your bag for Ainslie? Give her lots of hugs from her friends and tell her we love and miss her.Could you leave a gift certificate to Waldons for Melissa? With all she does for her family I would love for her to buy herself some of her favorite books to enjoy this winter.Toni and Gina L are always sewing and making beautiful things Santa so would you put lots of packages filled with patterns,materials,and sewing notions under their trees? For my friend Carol in Germany I would love it if you would put some blank tags for her craft project and lots of collage materials in her stocking.Santa if you have a really nice set of water colors and a Simon and Garfunkel CD would you drop them by Shell's? For my friends Rosie, Northern Farmer and Oak Spring Farm would you give them an easy winter so they can rest up for the hard work facing them in the spring? As for my dear family Brandy, Megan and Sharon could you please give them the time and energy to post on their blogs??? Thank you Santa for taking care of my friends. They are very special to me and I want them to have the best Christmas ever this year. Don't worry about stopping at my house this year as my cup is overflowing with love of friends and family (not to mention all the awesome things from the swaps)! You and Mrs. Claus have a good winter Santa and thanks again!


berryhead said...

Yes Santa A BIG convection oven!!!! Thanks Peggy for thinking of me!!! I felt honored reading that and seeing that I was included* Thank you dear!

ms*robyn said...

oh Peggy - this is probably the best post I have read in ages. Thankyou for including me !!! oh gosh * I am teary eyed from reading this. and just what does ms*peggy want?

Perri said...

I eagerly scanned your post - hoping to see my name and WOW, WOW, WOW, what a gift that would be. Just the thought of you thinking of me is almost as good as being there. And I would love to come hang out at the old homestead!

Kali said...

I have to agree with ms*robyn ~ this is a wonderful post Peggy. Just goes to show how thoughtful you are..but we all already new it !!!

novaks8 said...

Awww thanks Peggy!

But I think I need Clean Sweep instead!

Cracking up over the 15 year plan for Christina's hubby.
Man she cracks me up!

Shell said...

Awww, how awesome are you? *big hugs for Peggy* It's people like you that reaffirm to me that the world is still a wonderful place!

ms*robyn said...

ahha! I just read on Dolly's blog that you want snow for Christmas - so may Santa load his sleigh with snow for ms*peggy ! she is a sweet pea for sure

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww, that is just what I need too!!

ok, where are those keys now?

it is -19 out right now:)

that was sweet:)

Lori said...

So sweet Peggy. That is the cutest letter to Santa. You are such a keen listener to your friends.
Now....I need in on these swaps.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you so much for your wishes to Santa to me dear darling friend!
I hope you and all of your friends have their hearts and homes filled with love and hope and joy and happiness and
and may there be peace on Earth and goodwill towards men!
God bless you my precious friend!
Merry Christmas!
I love you dearly

Lea said...

What a sweet friend you are Peggy... here's wishing you al the best for Christmas too:)

Leann said...

What a fabulously lovely letter!!! Just thought you would want to know we got an early present - Dan's father is recovering nicely and will hopefully be home tomorrow. Thanks so much for your prayers!!!

(((((PEGGY))))) Have a Merry Christmas my dear, dear friend!!!!!

Maggie Ann said... are so sweet! You've blessed all of our hearts I'm sure. May your Christmas overflow with blessings!!!

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