Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Weekend Pictures

This is my oldest grandson Woody with his cousins baby potbelly pig. The pigs name is Charlotte.
Julie and Gabby are eating the hotdogs they roasted over the bonfire. They were happy they got to eat their lunch in the gameroom. Think they played more than they ate.
Some of the grandkids left the game room long enough to go out in the woods and chop down trees to decorate for the birds. Gabby and Julie are holding the small one the chopped and Hope, Zack and Kristine are holding the larger one they chopped down.
Some of the grandkids making decorations for the bird trees.
Quintin, Zack and Raigun would rather play than decorate a tree.
Brannon setting the trees up in the backyard so the kids and decorate for the birds.

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Finn said...

Love the pictures Peggy..what great looking are one blessed grandma..Hugs, Finn