Friday, December 30, 2005

Quiet Day at the Homestead

Quintin, Gabby and I have spent a nice quiet day doing various things. We took a trip to the post office and stopped by Rino's which was next door. I am behind the times as I didn't have any ideal what type store it was. The grandkids did though and we left there with a playstation 2 game for Quintin and a gameboy game for Gabby. They are outside now doing some chores to pay for them. We then went on to pick up a few groceries and our New Year party hats, horns etc. We plan on watching movies til right before midnight then watching the ball drop at Times Square on TV. The kids have been really good by making their beds and putting their dirty laundry in the hamper. They have kept their toys and things picked up. Quintin even washed his and Gabby's supper dishes last night! I sure am going to miss these two when they go home. But I am also going to be ready for a little rest because I am not as young as I need to be to keep up with these two! They have worn their selves out also because they went to bed at 9:30 last night and I woke them up at 10am this morning! Megan says they never sleep in with her. That's why I decided we needed a slow day today. They don't mind and look forward to relaxing with their games this evening after we take the dogs for a walk. Enjoy your day, relax a little, enjoy your family, and don't forget to have a slow day once in a while.


Finn said...

Your pictures look great with the new're doing soooo well with it!

Glad the grandkids could be there for this visit, that's always special..Hugs, Finn

ms*robyn said...

sad when we can say that we aren't as young as we used to be ! but I am the same .... I wonder if it is because we try to fit too much into our days/
However - dear ms*peggy - have a wonderful last day of 2005 and enjoy your evening. I really look forward to a fresh 2006 and our continued friendship