Monday, January 09, 2006

A New Friend!!

I am so happy to introduce you to a new friend (I hope she doesn't mind)! She left a nice comment on my blog and her blog addy's so I went to visit her and all I can say is WOW! She and I both like primitive and want to live as primitive as possible. She and her hubby built their own vintage shop and I wish it were here so I could shop.... I want everything in it!!! So ladies (and gents) pay her a visit at both sites and tell her Peggy said hi!
Thank you Sher for posting and for leaving your sites, I will visit often!


Maggie Ann said...

Dear Peggy, you are so sweet!!! Thankyou for the very special birthday card and the kind words of friendship to me. I am blessed by your friendship. The tea will be enjoyed...starting tonight! Thankyou friend! Sending hugs your way! (I am so tired tonight, your card is just the thing to restore my spirits... perfect timing *smile*)

Vintage Gal said...

Peggy, you old sweetie you!!! What kind words! Why don't you come to Ks. and spend a couple of days with me? I'd let you go through my shop and spend all the time you want moving stuff around! HA Be watching my Blog...I'm going to be posting some pictures of the shop and my home soon! Love Ya, Sher P.S.How do you get someones site under favorites on your site??? I'm soooo stupid on a computer!!!