Thursday, February 02, 2006

A View of My Neighborhood

Ms Robyn has ask that we take photos of the view in our neighborhood. We can post them on our blog or on the flicker site she sat up. I decided to post them here to share with everyone.
The first picture is the road in front of my house (can't see it for the woods). I am driving to the post office which is less than 5 minutes away. Second picture is of some of Gillis Farms fields. They grow cotton, soybeans, tobacco, corn, beans, and also raise cattle. Their land covers both sides of the road for many miles.I always buy sweet corn for freezing from them. Third picture is of a small housing development I drive thru on way to post office. Fourth photo is of the shopping center where the post office is and yes, there is a Walmart there too.
This is Lady and Tramp wanting the treats in my hand. Sheba on the right already has hers.
Dimples is sitting on the deck waiting for me to open the door for her.
Photo of dog lot with Fran's house in the background.
Toolshed/chicken house on left and Fran's daughter's house is the red building.
Daffodil's are blooming allover the yard

Sorry Alice I can't remember what you called this tree but it is full of winter blooms.

So this is a little of my neighborhood. Not beautiful mountain views like Alice 's (loved your photos) Its flat and ugly right now till spring comes and then everything is green and beautiful. As you can see I still have tons of leaves and I have raked all winter . Have burnt piles and piles and put tons on the mulch pile but still have tons to rake.


Calidore said...

Love the photos, thank you for sharing them. Please keep posting them, I find it fascinating to see where people live. I must get organised and post some of my town. Hope your day is a good one.

Shell said...

Not ugly at all! I think it's wonderful that you have actual seasons where you are. Things stay pretty much the same here except it is either 'dry' or 'wet'. I love the foresty environment you live in - so pretty. The forest around here are more subtropical rainforesty with dry eucalypt bushland surrounds.

Thanks for sharing - it's great to get an insight into the everyday environment that other people live in.

ms*robyn said...

thanks Peggy - can't wait to see next weeks walk through my neighbourhood - oh yes, this is a weekly thing ! I love the photos - all woodsy and cold looking - just wonderful for me to see, sweltering in this heat
I am sure that the plant with the red flowers is a camellia

Connie and Rob said...

Great pictures Peggy. I plan on joining in as soon as I am back up and about. Just a little spell of my Lupus. Soon I will be out taking pictures.



Hi Peggy! Once again I loved looking at all your photo's! Even with everything "brown" it's still gorgeous there! (I love your chicken coop!) I haven't had a chance to check your Blog lately...We are back to having sick kids or being constantly on the go. I'm really sorry to hear about your ex-DIL and pray that your grandson is doing all right? Hugs, Sher

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Love all these photos! Dimples is such cutie!

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South