Friday, March 03, 2006

Cool Friday

I had to come back and edit this to say what a small internet world we share! I just found out that Whiskers and Dimples secret paws doggie friend is Connie's cocker spaniel Ethel Mae! And Ethel Mae's sister got Whiskers and Dimples for a secret paws. So Connie when I post Ethel Mae's package photo don't let her look. LOL
I am sure everyone thinks we are nuts but at least we are fun nuts!

Those lovely warm sunny days have gone again. Mother Nature has been so nice giving us such beautiful weather but I think she forgot to turn the heat up today or forgot to pay the heat bill as it is cool and windy today. Suppose to get down in the 20's tonight. I have had a few nights of not having to build a fire and even left the doors open during the day. Now I am back in warm clothes and bringing in firewood to build a fire. Guess I will not be working on my raised beds today.

On a different note... I got my care package sent off. You will know how bad I am hooked on swaps when you read what I did next. My cats Whiskers and Dimples are in a secret paws swap so while I was out I went shopping for their secret paws package. They got a doggie named Ethel Mae. It was easy and fun shopping for her. We are also sending a care package to a shelter that takes care of abandon bunnies. Children get the bunnies for Easter then when they start growing or they realize they have to take care of them, the bunnies get dropped off at shelters. The secret paws got a list of shelters and we send them items for bunnies or a $5 donation to help take care of the bunnies. I just love sending packages!!

The baby chicks are growing and getting use to my voice and petting them. I think I am spoiling them but it will be fun having them use to me and coming when I call them. William laughs at me but I just love the little things.

Garden wise I have set out my cabbage and leek plants. I also finished setting out the onions. I have 3 raised beds finished but lots more to build. After years of wanting to we are finally doing the major of our gardening in raised beds. We will till for potatoes and corn but that will be a lot less hoeing than normal. I am bitten by the spring bug and anxious to get digging in the dirt.

Its the weekend so enjoy your day, enjoy your garden, enjoy your pets, enjoy your friends, and most of all enjoy the blessings given you this day!

For the work of man shall be render unto him, and cause every man to find according to his ways. Job 34:11

God will not call me to account for your undone work, only my own.


Leanne said...

This spring we will attempt to transform our little veggie patch into a raised bed. I'm going to be checking in on you to see how yours are faring! And I'm anxious for it to be warm, sunny, and snow-free here to get started on ours...

Amy said...

Gosh you're good with your gardening aren't you? I'm only halfway assembling my package for my partner but I'm very excited about my idea for it...

Flossy said...

Peggy, that's a lovely idea about the rabbit shelter :)

It's cooling down here at last, so I will be out getting my vegetable garden in order very soon! It's been taken over by weeds at the moment...

Have a lovely weekend


Leslie said...

I'm new to your blog, so forgive me if you've covered this already. How are you making your raised beds? Just point me to the post if you've already talked about it.

If you haven't talked about that yet, maybe it's an idea for another entry?

Mindy said...

Enjoy your weekend dear Peggy....your swap package looks just beautiful!!! Enjoy
blessings to you and yours,

Connie and Rob said...

I mailed my care package off today also. That was so much fun! We both sound like we enjoy doing this swap thing.

Yes Ethel Mae is my cocker spaniel. Don't worry I won't tell her you have her name. I will let her be surprised. Both Lucy and Ethel are participating in the secret paws and guess what...Lucy has Dimples and Whiskers!! The girls are giving me ideas and then I will definitely get to the shopping.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Maggie Ann said...

It has been a mild winter, hasn't it. I'm enjoying it. Happy week-end to you too! You have a lot of fun things going on in your life just now it seems, with your adorable chicks and gardening and all. I'm enjoying the pictures.

Anonymous said...

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