Thursday, March 23, 2006

Get Free Books!

I have just signed up to read and review books. They send you names of books they have available for review and a site you can go to that tells you a little about the book. If you want to read and review any or all you email and let them know and the books are mailed to you. The books are a gift to you FREE! You just have to write a review about the book and post about it on your blog. You are also given a HTML to put on your side bar while you are reviewing. My friend Leann from Prattling Pastor's Wife blog has been doing it almost a year now and recommended it. I checked it out and its got great feedback from everyone I have ask and all I have read about it. They did start a $25.oo joining fee in January but with being able to read as many books as I want and getting to keep them as gifts I figure its well worth the $25.00! Sometimes you even get CD's and DVD's to listen to or watch and they are yours to keep too... Just for writing your own thoughts about each one. They want your honest opinion when you read, watch or listen to anything sent to you so you don't have to worry if you don't like it... Just write why. They give you several weeks to review so you aren't rushed........ Check it out. It might just be something you are interested in if you like to read.

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