Monday, March 13, 2006

Norm is On the Move

Norm is on his way to Judy. He had such a great time with both Heather's and with Oreo but he is looking forward to arriving at Judy's as she is taking him on a trip with her. She promises him lots of adventures on the trip so I am looking forward to reading about them and seeing photo's. He hasn't arrived yet but should be there any day now so be sure and check out Judy's blog and keep up with Norm's vacation adventure. Thanks again Oreo for showing Norm a good time! Judy have fun with Norm but don't let him wear you out!


Leanne said...

Keep an eye on your mailbox, Peggy. There's something on it's way to you, and Norm just might want to see it when he gets home as well!

Connie and Rob said...

Norm have fun on your next adventure. Trying to keep track of you because we are so looking forward to your visit.


Flossy said...

Master Norm is having a wonderfl time isn't he? Hope he has fun at Judy's :)

Your seasonal swap package looks scrumptious! Enjoy it :)