Friday, April 21, 2006

I have Been Tagged

LeAnn over at Roman Holiday tagged me for 10 simple pleasures. So here are some of the simple pleasures I enjoyed this morning.

1. picking fresh strawberries to make strawberry jam later
2.watching a hummingbird sitting still on the birdbath getting a drink
3.milking the goat without her trying to kick the bucket over because I am slow
4.being able to read my morning devotion all the way through without the phone ringing or any interruption.
5.picking fresh lettuce and watching the iguana eating like he had a feast
6. talking with my husband on the phone without the to do list being mentioned the whole time!
7. making goats cheese that came out just right
8.talking with God and my guardian angels
9.talking with my oldest daughter Maggie and hearing all about her family and plans for the weekend
10.smelling the goatsmilk soap I made last night drying on the counter
I am not sure who has or hasn't been tagged so if you would like to do this meme please leave a comment so I can go to your blog and read it...... Have a wonderful blessed day!


Patricia said...

i love that you talk to your angels. that gives me goosebumps and is a beautiful and lovely reminder for me to have more of these conversations, myself. thank you.

Gail said...

reading these tags make me feel very serene and homely,your life is blessed, in a lovely way.I to talk to my angels.Have a lovely w/end

Maggie Ann said...

Good Morning Peggy! I am finally getting back to blogging. Its so nice to be here at your blog reading (visiting I think..*s*) You accomplish so many things, how satisfying that must be. I still am behind on my cleaning. Our little grandson was hard on the house. Now I really know its time to start spring housecleaning in ernest. The furnace and woodburner are rarely being used...another sign *s*. Thats wonderful that you can make your own goat soap! I'll be practising cello this morning and finishing up the laundry I started yesterday. I got brave (or foolish?) and hand washed some dry clean only dresses in Woolite. You know, they look like I might just have gotten away without ruining them. I'll see when I iron them. I figured I bought them at the thrift shop for a few dollars and you know what dry cleaning costs! ....those kitties of yours sound soooo adorable...wish I had one to love and cuddle. Hubby hates cats, oh well, I love him best of all. Hugs to you friend!

Ms. Vickie said...

Peggy, I loved reading your simple pleasures here. You share with us and bless us often here.
Thank you for being the special lady you are.

Leanne said...

I love your list, Peggy! It was a simple pleasure for me to read it!